Panasonic SC-UA7E-K 1700 W Speaker System

Panasonic SC-UA7E-K 1700 W Speaker System
  • 1700W outpower
  • 180 degree sound range to create an expansive room filling sound
  • Operate playlists and song requests from your Smartphone using the free Panasonic MAX Juke App
  • Large 4GB internal memory for easy storage of your favourite tunes.

With its modern hexagon design and mind-blowing 1700w of power, not only will your music listening be brought to a whole new level, but the next time you have a party, get your friends to download the Panasonic MAX Juke App and you can send their music to the speakers to keep your party going.The hexagonal design of the speaker isn’t just design, it is functional too, with 10 speakers inside the cabinet, the speakers are on 3 sides, which gives you a 180 degree room filling sound. There are 4 tweeters, 4 mid-range woofers and 2 subwoofers, which are positioned back to back which eliminates vibration to produce distortion free sound.There are 2 USB connections on the top of the unit for adding additional music, there are also 2 microphone inputs to enable full karaoke operation, along with a digital optical connection, which allows you to connect up a television for filling your room with TV sound too.

Lowest Price: £319.00
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