Panasonic Class 6 4GB SDHC card

Panasonic Class 6 4GB SDHC card
  • Class 6 gives fast transfer speed
  • 4GB storage offering 1 hour of video or 1280 photos
  • Can handle temperature range from -25 to +85’C
  • Reliable and durable
  • Compatible with all SDHC card devices.

4GB, Class 6 SD Memory Card with Eco-friendly Packaging With the recent expansion of HD broadcasting and HD host devices, the demands for handling HD content easily and conveniently is rapidly increasing. The 4GB card meets those demands. It is ideal for recording HD videos and high-resolution digital images and can serve as a bridge media to link with various HD host devices offline. The card is capable of recording 60 minutes of 1920×1080 Full-HD video. It records with Class 6 specification. Also, the card comes with new eco-friendly packages, which greatly reduce plastic from the previous packaging methods.

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